Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AP Lit Response: Poetry

The poem "Here" by Phillup Larking contains the use of personification, simile and imagery. These techniques are used to convey the authors attitude toward the places he describes.
In line 25, "Here silence stands", there is a use of personification. Silence cannot stand thus there is an inanimate thing that has a human characteristic. This expresses the authors attitude toward the place. No one likes to be alone in complete silence so the author is showing a dread for this place.
Simile is also used. "Like heat", line 26, follows the personification in line 25. It uses the word "like" which indicates a simile. The silence stood like heat; heat rises and is above everyone so the author is implying that he does not like this place because the heat is above him and in control.
Lastly, the author uses imagery to express his feelings of "Here". In the beginning of every stanza, Larkin sets the scene of a place. "Rich industrial" (1), "lard town" (9), and "urban" (17), all describe different places. Larkin describes these other places that he doesn't want to be. Since he describes the scene so negatively, the reader sees the negative attitude toward "here".
Phillup Larkin describes "Here" with a negative attitude toward it. He can express himself in this way by using personification, simile, and imagery in his poem.

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